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Welcome, Seahawks and Seahawk parents! This page has been specifically created for you to access any documents you may need. If you're missing something, please don't hesitate to let us know!


Our Student Handbooks serve as invaluable resources, offering clarity and guidance to ensure a smooth and enriching experience here at S.A.I.L. Within them, you'll find all the essential information you need regarding dress code, attendance policies, and other important school-related guidelines.


Explore the link below that corresponds to the center your child is enrolled in to access the handbook tailored specifically to their grade level. Empower yourself with the information necessary to navigate your child's educational path with confidence and ease.


Parents can complete our Consent Form to

  • grant their child permission to leave school grounds for field trips,

  • authorize S.A.I.L. to photograph their child for school activities, publications, and website, and

  • authorize S.A.I.L. to administer non-prescription medication to their child when necessary


Please download your student's school supplies lists to take with you for back-to-school shopping. Additionally, for PK-4th grade students, we encourage parents to review our toy box guidelines to ensure that your student has a few fun toys they can play with during free time.


As a field trip approaches, parents will receive notification and will be required to submit a permission slip form for their child to participate. Your timely cooperation in completing and returning these forms ensures your child's eligibility to join in on the fun.

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