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What is RSC / ISC?



ISC (International Student Convention), and  RSC (Regional Student Convention) is a premier event that is the highlight of the school year for hundreds of schools and homeschools around the world, using the Accelerated Christian Education program.  

Students compete in the categories of music, oratory, art, athletics, academics, and numerous aspects of service.  With over 140 Christian competitions for students, everyone can find an area that interests them! You will learn about dedication, patience, striving for excellence, and commitment and will have the opportunity to compete with others from around the world.

The following requirements are necessary for all S.A.I.L. students:

Good Academic Standing

  1. Passing all classes

  2. Met their academic deadlines for each class by December 14, 2018.

    1. Items due for each class are noted on Student’s Projection Sheet

    2. Each student has a copy of their Projection


If your student is in danger of being dismissed from the RSC team you will be notified in advance, in order to remedy the problem together as a team. Our hope is that every student who has signed up will have the RSC/ ISC experience and will be blessed by it. Thank you for your parental support. RSC/ ISC is not possible without your teamwork.






Click for more information or to view the Convention Guidelines to learn more about the competitions.

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