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Our Beliefs

Development of your child’s Social Screens.

With the constant and troubling questions the youth are facing on an everyday basis; it is vital that we harness their thoughts, questions and concerns. Here at S.A.I.L. you can rest assure that we take this vitally important issue to heart, and compassion. We will teach your Child the fundamentals of a spiritual connection to God through a Monotheistic view. We will also show other world views and discuss your child’s views; explain Biblical wisdom to access the views and discuss them in a mature method which is conducive to your child’s learning environment. This is also obtained by teaching the fruit of the spirit (Galatians 5:22-23); which becomes the foremost important process for your child’s social screen development. We will not give our personal opinions but give biblical life principles to promote your child’s professional social success.



No child is the same, therefore no educational plan should be the same. Why should your child be held back in one or two subjects when they are ready to move forward?  At S.A.I.L. we offer a Montessori learning environment, designed specifically for your child; encompassed with a lecture style to expand their knowledge further. We apply your child’s academic need to a specific lesson plan to assure your child will move forward, and succeed; while meeting and working to surpass state required benchmarks. We give the best of both worlds, individuality and public forum.  We thrive in teaching great study habits such as process of investigation, taking responsibility for themselves, center themself on their values and principles, and look to continually challenge themselves.



School Academic Mission

        Our Academic institution strives for every student to have a strong foundation and mastery of skill in Math, English, Social Studies, Science, Etymology, and Computer Technology. Teaching staff implements a holistic approach in their lectures and tutoring sessions. Students are equipped in this manner in order to ensure each student utilizes knowledge gained to successfully lead in their community with knowledge and Kingdom principles in today’s world.