Best Looking Rocket

We had a great time putting the Rockets together and had a friendly competition of who could build the coolest looking rocket. We asked the Pre-K - First Grade to judge the rockets and give us their Honest Opinion (as children often do). Without further delay here are the winners

In Third place, 
In Second Place

And Last but not Least, First place is

Below are student names and their awards. Some students have links to their own page. Check them out, they worked hard on them.

A Honor Roll

Cathrine Arias - Zaragoza
Joanna Ochoa
Milly Enriquez
Priscilla Lagarda
Ashley Portillo
Samuel Arias - Zaragoza
Caleb Calomarde
Timothy Gutierrez
Saul Portillo
B Honor Roll

Abner Arias
Bella Calomarde
Cassia Arias
Lucero Munguia
Nick Sanchez
Elena Sanchez